Script & Ilustration
  • Quan Zhou
  • Digital ilustration
  • Digital colouring
  • Clip studio paint

The Zhou family arrived to Spain in the 90s. There was just one more chinese family in town.

The story of a chinese family fresh off the boat, 35 years ago in Spain, two big unknowns that start to know each other. You get to know the Zhou family, the hardworking parents and their very spanish daughters. You will see how is to raise a family far from your country and far from you traditions.

Talk about GAP Generation

The Confucius Institute of Valencia invited me to present “Gazpacho Agridulce”. Also I gave a interactive speech and talked with the audience about the GAP generation. The difference between beliefs, way of thinking and life between the first generation of inmigrants and their kids that were born in Europe.

Do you want to read the it?

Here is a small sample in spanish