Hi! I'm Quan

Multidisciplinar artist

I’m a Spanish artist with Asian descent Illustrator, intercultural speaker, radio hostess and senior visual designer, among many other things.

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Gazpacho Agridulce

Gazpacho Agridulce

February 28, 2018

The great book of the extraordinary kids

The great book of the extraordinary kids

January 28, 2018

Quan Zhou

A good idea is the foundation of everything

Despite being busy working full time as a visual designer during these past 7 years, I managed some time to create good stories to tell. I published my first graphic novel, Gazpacho Agridulce in 2015 with Astiberri, and the 2nd one, Andaluchinas por en Mundo in 2017. During the past years I’ve also worked with spanish newspaper "El País", radio shows such as Radio 3, and Podium Podcast.

I am also very involved in fighting against racism. I've designed small programs called "Emociones Ilustradas" for young people that uses comic to fight against racism. Also I've got a lazy demanding cat that comforts me when working becomes too hard.

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In the news

The graphics novels were featured in TVE, national spanish television. Their sense of humor, their unique point of view were mainly highlighted during the interview.

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For interviews, comisions or tips into how to mantain a cat slim, I will be more than glad to hear from you at:  helloquanzh@gmail.com